Nature’s Music

Visual – Chirp! Chirp! Chirp! I have been listening to the birds chirping early in the morning and evening. Their sounds are so beautiful! The video, below, gives you some idea of what I hear when I am getting ready for the day, as well as snuggling into my reflective thoughts.

The music of their language reflect the crispiness, renewing cool morning and evening air, metacognition, and much more!

I love these times of the day!!!

As I was researching articles and other sources for information, illustrations, and media on the chirping sounds of birds, I came across a video that I thought was hilarious!!!

More fun for the sun! Please feel free to look at it.

Funny…Chirp! Chirp!


Hello everyone!

As we move through this seasonal transition, we may want to look in our closets to see what needs to be switched out to lighter, brighter, and fashionable!

Summertime Fashion 2015

What is considered to be fashionable in 2015 for summertime? Well, according to several websites and articles, many people have different views, but seem to have some commonalities – less material, bright, unique, self-reflection, and creativity!

So, start looking at what you want to include in your closets!!!


Life – Live It Fully Everyday

To each person in my life, I thank you for being a part of helping me to become who I am. As we continue to grow and understand ourselves and others, it is with love and not fear that should guide us. While exchanging thoughts and ideas this morning, it seems imperative to be honest, live in one’s true self, and express appreciation.

Although we have differences, I appreciate you! Instead of operating in fear, I choose to operate in – and cherish life.IMG_0009

Relationship! What Is It?

What does RELATIONSHIP mean? Learning to exercise one’s inner strength can be one of the toughest experiences ever. What does it mean to become a part of someone else’s life? Why do people want relationships so bad? How can someone mix his/her existence with someone else when he/she is not whole?

When one realizes that being a part of someone else’s life is not embracing, nor feeding, the original agreement, what happens? Society has pumped a fairytale vision of relationships into us so much that we can’t function as individuals. From the chains on the ankles between 2 slaves during slavery, to the chains of the mind through messages and expectations, we can be dragged to a point of non-existence.

What is a relationship? What is a healthy relationship? When a relationship needs a tune-up, what “services” should we order? How do you know if the services being ordered are the right ones? How do you know when the entity needs to be knocked down and/or rebuilt?

Fear of hurting the other person, fear of embarrassment, fear of letting go, fear of letting extended family go, fear of the future, fear of not fulfilling the “story book” life that has been fed to us with story lines, religious beliefs, and much more can cause a person to go into a panic and state of delusion and depression. Complex, complex, complex…so, are those the reasons why people cheat?

Or, are the reasons more simple? Simple, as in enough to only want to fulfill sexual gratifications? Simple as in greed for more than one person, or greed in keeping control of money, houses, cars, and way of life?

Hmmmm…what is a relationship???

Living...Loving Life...Education for Life!!!

Living…Loving Life…Education for Life!!!

Cheaters and Cheating Behavior – Psychological, Social…

Cheaters and Cheating Behavior
Author – Dr. T. Brown

Having seen so much over the years, I have decided to research real-life cheaters and cheating behavior. I am intrigued to find out how people can be at peace with themselves when they are willing to lie to the person closest to them. I am eager to find out what psychological elements make up the mind-sets and the types of behavior they are willing to undertake.

Is communication that difficult for people? Is choosing to make changes to preserve integrity emotionally horrific? Do people seek a personal thrill, or physical gratification? Is it cowardly to beat up on another person’s mental state and drain them emotionally, while quietly putting them in physical harm of diseases and other ailments?

Cheaters and cheating behavior has no color, gender, age, professionalism, nor educational level as barriers. So, the elements that are present seem to fall under character and survival of the fittest from a mental and emotional standpoint.

As I begin and continue with my research, I may ask you questions through interesting and intriguing surveys. Please feel free to engage and share your deepest thoughts and experiences.

Change From Within

Change from Within
Author – Dr. T. Brown

Change from within requires knowing when to change, or move on. Negativity has to be avoided when not productive negativity. What is productive negativity? Energy, comments, feedback, advice, and the lack of support for the enhancement of an individual is the summary of what I consider to be productive negativity. If negativity comes from someone who has the purpose of controlling another for superiority, jealousy, envy, lying, stealing, cheating, and cowardly agendas then, the victim does not need to change – he/she needs to move on. The person who projects him/herself onto another individual in such a manner can be considered emotionally and mentally dangerous – to say the least. Yesterday, I had some real-life experiences. They included:

1. Observing how a female who is considered by “Common-law” to be a wife chose to inflict mental cruelty on her mate through deep-seeded anger, sabotage, verbal attacks and curse words, as well as stating in front of everyone how she refused to give her physical self to him for the last 5 years.

2. Observing a husband tell his wife that “I am here for you. I love you. You need to fix some things. There are 1,000 things wrong with you, but I am going to give you the top 3, right now. I know there has been inactivity (sex) with us, but you cannot go and have a relationship with other people while being married to me. If you change those things, we will be fine.”

I really don’t know how marriage gives some people the thought that of property and the right to abuse it.

I don’t know how people can be built up from within when his/her mate is beating and breaking him down mentally and emotionally.

Why does marriage reflect remnants of unhealthy behavior? Why do humans revert to animalistic and savage behavior?

If the law didn’t exist to protect people from physical harm, would the same mates eventually kill their mates from innate behavior, such as survival of the fittest?

What is love? Who defines love? What is marriage? Who defines marriage? When is a relationship over?

When should people stop changing for one person? When….???????
Photo on 2-7-14 at 10.28 PM #2

Time…Savor it – Like a Fine Wine!

As I drive through the rainy, gloomy weather one can become easily depressed; however, as I continued to embrace and absorb the scenery, I realized that my inner core became so peaceful, happy, and brought back to perspective. I realized that one’s own mind can fool one into thinking that a perfect image, or world can exist – if only…

Some let the mind influence or persuade him/her to think, if only:

1. I could start over.
2. I could have children.
3. I could buy everything I need.
4. I could have my mate believe and do everything I do.
5. …….

Don’t let time pass you by with unhappiness, or depressing thoughts. USE metacognition to help you stay tuned with reality and not an imaginary world.

Savor each second as God has given it to you, in Jesus Christ – His only Begotten Son – our Lord, Savior, and Shepherd.

Savor each second as though it is a fine wine. Think of your favorite, most expensive wine – would you waste a drop?Photo on 6-9-14 at 7.13 PM

Happy February and Life!!!

I thank God for every second, minute, hour, and day!!! Jesus, our Lord, Savior, and Shepherd is the reason for the season!!!

Although we may not understand, nor find comfortable, the cold winter and harsh temperatures, they are for a great reason! I have learned to push through the toughest moments, look to the heavens for inspiration and motivation, refuel on the energy that God and Jesus give as “sustaining power,” forgive those who have hurt me, help those that don’t even know me, give a smile when I look at someone, and keep moving towards the heavens.

I pray that you remember the reason for the season and keep pushing towards the high mark!!!

Photo on 6-9-14 at 7.13 PM

Happy 2015 and much more!!!

Hello Everyone!

I just wanted to send a personable message to each of you, in order to let you feel the warmth of someone – ME – who cares about maintaining relationships – even in the coldness of the snow and wind.

I pray that you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day, a prosperous week, and great food!

Please feel free to send a message – even if you just want to say “hi,” or get some feedback, or advice.

With sincerity, warmth, and an excitement for the present and future!

“Tina”Photo on 2-7-14 at 10.28 PM #2